Friday, December 4, 2015

First Choir Performance for Moi in YEARS!!!

What fun I enjoyed last evening!  I was singing in a combined choir that was the closing act at the local Rotary Carol Festival and it was such a great time!  Some of the choir members were so nervous about being filmed by the local Access tv station but I never think about such things.  Partly I suspect because our personal here at home tv station server does not have a feed to the Access channel so I never have to worry about being tempted to take a look at myself doing embarrassing things during subsequent broadcasts through the Christmas season, and partly because I don't care if other people see me inadvertently making an idiot of myself on tv.  I am who I am and it is what it is and other silly cliches! Also, what a relief to be a choir member and not the director of this choir as I have been elsewhere in times past.  This performance was pure joy.  Unfortunately the live feed did not work so my husband didn't get to see any of the performances from the comfort of our living room sofa.

Our choir had not met nor performed with most of the members of the other choir, although some of our people are in both choirs year round.  What a friendly bunch of people comprise the church choir from Knox Metropolitan.  It was as much fun meeting and visiting with them as it was finally getting to perform again. Some of their members are coming to our Amici concert in January.  It is great how much the two choirs support each other's members.

I was able to be present for most of the choirs performing ahead of us and there is some good talent in this small city.  Some of the elementary school choirs were most impressive.  It was a nice night out and when I got home my husband and I had a good evening watching women's curling from Alberta.  The girlfriend of a relative of ours is on one of the teams so it was our opportunity to cheer her on from a distance.

Now my husband has 2 days off work....yeah....OFF??? OFF?????  Not exactly! He hasn't truly been off work today.  At noon we went over to the office together for the farewell event for the now former finance officer.  It was so teary and beautiful. Oh, how we will all miss her.  Her replacement is a lovely gentleman though and I suspect he will be just as dearly loved in short order.

After lunch my husband, who was brooding all through our meal, decided to return to the office for "a few minutes" to debrief with the Bishop about some issues that arose during the Bishop's 2 weeks away.  So far "a few minutes" has been over an hour, but I expected it.  I know the Bishop will be thrilled to get some of these items dealt with and I know my husband will relax far more if he has tomorrow completely free and clear, knowing he can go into work Monday and do what he needs to do with nothing left hanging from this past couple of weeks.

At least my dear husband is feeling a lot better after taking his full 2 days off last week and staying 100%...well, more like 90%...away from his office work.  Now he needs to take time to build up some energy reserves to finish getting through the Advent and Christmas seasons with all the extra church services added into an all ready full schedule.

The weather continues to hold on to marvellous above zero high temperatures and other than a few raindrops today in the +7C afternoon high, we have had no more moisture since the bit of snow a couple of weeks ago. YAY!  Thank you El Nino!

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