Wednesday, December 9, 2015

He's Here....

....and looking healthy and content with life. Yup, our son arrived safely and on time this afternoon! We are a happy bunch. The first thing we did was to call my parents to check in on them and let them share their latest moving adventures with their grandson. It has been a grand reunion.

After my son and I left the airport we drove to the office to pick up dad...he proudly introduced Eli to all his colleagues. Then we went out for a very early supper, since our son had not had a chance to eat for over six hours. Now it is our "real" dinner time and, as I suspected would happen, both men are sound asleep! haha

Fortunately for me we received quite a few Christmas cards and letters in the mail today, so I have been amusing myself reading those. Now I am going to attend to my final round of physio for the day.

The weather forecast continues to improve, so again, WOW! And thank you Lord!

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