Monday, December 28, 2015

Hi Ho Crappo It's Back To Work He Goes.....sigh....

After a super fun day yesterday, with Cafe Church Lessons and Carols and a marvellous evening at our church office manager's home for (at last!) a turkey dinner and visiting fun, reality intruded on my holiday time with my husband in no uncertain terms.

Yup, my husband, along with the Bishop and some volunteers, is over at the Synod office. They are using half a day, (I'll believe THAT when it actually happens), to move my husband's office furniture into a bigger, brighter space and turn his old office into a chapel for the staff. I am not impressed, to say the least. And of course his office cell rang this morning with a request that he do a hospital visit in the next couple of days. That one is fine because people can't help having medical emergencies requiring spiritual encouragement from a priest. I am just so disappointed about the office move coming in the middle of our time together, plus a rather large concern about my husband's health. He is still not physically recovered from the stress of the past four months. He needed at least 2 more days to be sure he will be okay in time to return to full time work next week. Also, we had plans for today before we found out about the office move, but instead I am doing laundry, delaying my grocery shopping because my husband needed the car for taking tools and a dolly to work.

So yeah, I am ticked off today.  I am a grown up so I will get over it. Just for today I am not happy.

You realize of course that should my husband return home today in a joyous mood, brimming with enthusiasm about his new office and delighted by the camaraderie with his colleagues, feeling healthy once again, all my negative feelings will vanish without a trace.  I admit, I am easily mollified.....because I hate feeling ticked off.

 Being happy is so much easier and so much more fun.

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