Saturday, December 12, 2015

Is There Anything Sweeter Than Friendship?

We survived a rather interesting drive through blowing snow and icy patches on our way to and from Moose Jaw this evening, but it was worth the bit of driving stress.

Our dear friends, who take an incredible amount of interest in our son, put on a Christmas dinner to die for!  So many kinds of appetizers, the best wines, mushroom and white wine soup, a roast goose brought home recently by our hunter host that was stuffed with rice and cranberries, all manner of roast vegetables, my own contribution of a green salad with blackberries and raspberries and white balsamic, a delicious dessert dish of fresh fruits chopped up with a healthy amount of Rozendal vinegar, truffles, ginger snaps...ooh, the meal was almost as fabulous as the visiting.

Eli just loves this family and so enjoys their life stories and experiences as well as appreciating the interest they show in his.  We laughed and ate and laughed some more, swapped stories, reminisced about previous visits, enjoyed the humour and conversation of their visiting daughter, sat around the Christmas tree and enjoyed its soft lights and thick layers of decorations.

The drive home seemed to go quickly despite having to drive more slowly than usual because of the packed snow and ice, because we had so many things to talk about after such a grand evening.

So now it is 1am and I really should get to bed.  My dear husband lasted until nearly midnight before excusing himself to get to sleep. The poor man has to work tomorrow for most of the day.  The son and I are going to try to sleep in a bit, then get some errands run and go to the MacKenzie Art Gallery for the afternoon.  We will spirit my husband away to Bushwakkers Pub for dinner after his day of work and just enjoy the last meal out before Eli leaves again on Sunday. As usual the time together seems to be ending far too quickly.

Tonight turned out, unexpectedly, to be our Christmas dinner.  Celebrating with friends was about perfect, the roast goose so delicious, the decorations so pretty around the house and around the dining room table.  We decided that trying to duplicate a Christmas dinner experience here tomorrow night would fall flat in comparision, so the big chicken stays in the freezer, the yams and parsnips can last another few days in the refrigerator and it is pub grub tomorrow night.  

Thank you Lord for this wonderful evening away from our place and the usual Friday night activities, for good friends, for good food and for a safe drive.


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