Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It Is A Near Miracle For My Parents In Their New Home

A friend who lives thousands of kilmeters away read my blog from yesterday and decided to give me a call last night. She knows I hate feeling lonely and, bless her, she was on the phone for a good long time with me.  I have so many amazing friends...how blessed I am!

Mom and Dad also called, just to let me know how happy they are in their new place.  They have been visiting the  friends there who have lived in the building for several years all ready, they have been cleaning up their plates at dinner every night and have only had one meal thus far they didn't really care for....amazing for my father who is a terribly picky eater....,they have attended most of the afternoon and evening social events of the past week and today are playing bingo in the afternoon, then taking the bus tour to see the Christmas light display at Spruce Meadows.  Their seating at dinner has them at a table right beside some of their friends so they have riotous times over their meals, talking and laughing and reminiscing about their friendship over the years.  Even my shy, hermit of a mom is reaching out to meet others and remembering their names.  They have had haircuts all ready at the hairdresser in the building and are quite pleased with the results.  In other words, we are ALL happy and relieved with their present accommodation.  Dad said he feels as if he has finally come home after a long wait.  I was afraid Mom would have trouble adjusting to having so many people around her all the time, but she loves it!  She feels less alone in dealing with dad and all his health issues.  Isn't it just great???!!?  Whew!  I am so happy for them.  It has been a stressful time for us all.  Mom was particularly excited to tell me that the lady who purchased their condo was ecstatic with the professional cleaning job Mom paid extra for after they moved out.  The lady had been a bit of a problem throughout the sales process, but she is so delighted with how new and clean the condo was when she moved in that all is now very well indeed.  Dad has all ready closed the door on that two decades of their life and is completely wrapped up in what is going on in the new place.  He and I are very much alike that way.  When we sold our house in Alberta, it was a couple of years before we even drove past the place when we visited friends in the town.  Movin' on is a sweet thing!

I have a heady afternoon of ironing planned for myself...that happens when you don't do laundry for over 2 weeks!!  Yikes...it is going to take hours to do all this stuff.  Thankfully I have nowhere I have to go on this foggy, overcast, chilly, freezing drizzle kind of day.  No car tomorrow as my husband has 3 church services to do on a day of fasting and prayer for world peace, so I can relax all day and get some other chores done at my leisure.  I will give the place a good cleaning again between now and the visit of a friend next Monday and then that is it until after Christmas week!

My husband will be home from his retreat with the Bishop in a few hours.  Then he is off, after a quick dinner, to our church vestry meeting.  He has to do so many services between now and late Christmas Eve that he is going to be completely wiped out for his few days off between Christmas and New Years Day.  So thankful he has those days.  Hoping he is coming home from retreat with some good ideas of how to change his job description to allow him more time to get everything done....and that the changes can come soon.  We have a wise bishop and so I have high hopes for some necessary changes for my husband and a couple of others on the office staff, come the new year.

Although I have been sneaking peeks at the ironing board and the stack of clothes beside it over the past few minutes, the job is not miraculously doing itself, so had better get with it....after lunch....and after the noon news....and....teehee.....  

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