Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It Isn't World Peace, But It IS a Wonderful Answer To Prayer!

My son just called. His accountant has made a wonderful job of checking back over his taxes for the past three years and my son is going to receive a few thousand dollars back because of tuition credits that were missed over that time. We have been praying for the past three months for some kind of financial relief for him to be able to make his student loan payments without giving up his grocery money each month. My son is stunned. I am too! Isn't that typical of us humans? We pray in faith, thinking we are trusting God for the most positive possible answer, but then when we get it we are somewhat shocked!

My son will be able to pay off an entire year of student loan plus the interest....amazing...thank you Lord for your loving and merciful answer. I am as grateful as he is. Thanks to the alert accountant who has made it all possible.

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