Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's Raining, It's Pouring, the Ice I'll Be Abhorring!

The rain started teeming down in such vast amounts late this evening that my husband and son, newly awakened from long evening naps, got out the umbrellas and went for a long walk in the darkness.  They had a great time but came home sopping wet. haha  Both of them were wearing grins a mile wide.  I knew why as soon as they walked back through the front door: they were remembering the long walks in the rain, late at night when our son was a young teenager and he needed to debrief in the week hours of the morning after a night out with friends or a date.  

We spent some time after their walk deciding how we are going to manage and cope with the thick ice that will be coating every surface by morning...a total nightmare, but we will work it out.  There is one art gallery we simply must get to and my son wants to find a good place for a haircut, plus a store that sells the real old time Lee jeans...both will take some research. This afternoon I stocked up on ice melt and there is a huge pile of sand next to our car in the parking lot. Between those two things we will manage around here despite the wicked ice cover.

I have to concentrate now on staying upright every time I leave the house...what a wonderful thing that I have had nearly two extra months this year to enjoy easy movement outside this winter before the ice arrived.  I am most fortunate!

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