Monday, December 7, 2015

Jus' Settin' A Spell.....

...waiting for the linoleum floors to dry after a vigorous scrubbing, so I can complete the vaccuming this afternoon.  I didn't even start my preparation for Eli's arrival until about an hour ago..mid afternoon. It is going to be a rush to finish cleaning all the floors before my husband comes home for dinner tonight, but I am determined to at least accomplish that much today. The other chores will have to wait for tomorrow.  

I am pooped!  Didn't sleep well at all again last night.  I think I have been letting the wait for test results get to me too much the past few days.  It will be a week tomorrow since the tests were redone so, unless my doctor is away today and tomorrow, I should hear something by tomorrow morning.  I know for certain she is at work Wednesday and for the rest of the week.  If there is no word by then I am going to assume there is nothing to report on and all is well!

Got up and dressed this morning in time to drive my husband to work. Together we got into the storage room there and loaded up the boxes and tins and bottles of left over cereal, salad dressings, soda pop, canned milk, tortilla rounds, potato chips, rice, soy sauce, and other dried foods leftover from the last diocesan camp and I drove the whole works over to a food bank collection station sponsored by our building management company.  It was a lot of  fun filling up their entire bin all by myself this morning, but it was exhausting.  I couldn't park very close to the door of the building, so had to lock up my cane and purse in the trunk of the car, then haul all the items to the inside collection bin a few at a time.  Trying to use my cane would have doubled or tripled the number of trips back and forth to deliver everything, so I decided to forget about using it.  By some near miracle I managed not to trip and fall again and everything was loaded into the bin in a fairly short amount of time.  I had a few groceries to purchase as well, the car needed filling with gasoline, a trip to the bank was necessary.  By the time I got home it was still only 9:30am, but it took me until 1:30pm to feel ready to tackle all the preparation I still need to do for my son's impending visit...less than 48 hours from now!

Thankfully I have  finally started on it all.  I may have to forego putting up the Christmas decorations as I can't find them in the boxes still stacked in the basement that we have not had time to go through yet.  Well, I have had plenty of time actually, but I dare not begin without my husband there to prevent me from throwing out some nearly sacred, but NEVER used item he can't bear to part with. hahaha

I don't think my son particularly cares about our old Christmas decorations though so maybe I can not bother with them at all this year.  We are not the "jingle bells and Christmas trees" sort of  family anyway.

Made a major booboo with a phone call to my parents this morning: I deliberately didn't phone them yesterday to wish them well on their move that was supposed to be happening tomorrow, because I didn't want to interrupt their last day to relax before the stress of the move. was I to know, since no one told me, that they and the mover negotiated to do the move today instead, a whole day early!  When Dad answered the phone this morning, he sounded more stressed than I have ever heard him, asked me what I wanted and when I said I had called to wish them well on their move, he nearly took my  head off telling me the packers were there and it was not a good time to be chatting with me.  Sigh....adding to their all ready over the top stress...just what I, the only daughter wanted to do!  Sigh again....with any luck Dad's bad memory will take over because of the stress and he will forget I called.

The floors are nearly dry now so I need to get back to work.  Nice chatting with you.......

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