Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mmmmm...Cozy Warm

My husband is out of town this evening for meetings with another parish, so I am enjoying just lazing about the place in my knee length flannel nightgown, covered over with, instead of a terry cloth robe, my ankle length cotton African dress.  What a great combination of layers.  Although our place is somewhat lacking in insulation and rather drafty, I am warm as toast in this crazy combo.  And yes, I do look ridiculous and no, I don't care.  I am warm, end of story!

It is going to be a long evening. There is zero of interest on television once this week's episode of "Getting On" airs.  I ate my dinner rather late and just finished the dishes before 8pm after a half hour of playing my piano.  Now it is time for physiotherapy exercises.

My parents should have completed their move today, however I told them not to call me even if their phone is actually hooked up on time, as they will be too tired to face even that small obligation.  Hopefully all went well today and the final cheque/key exchange between the lawyers will go well in a couple of days to end the deal so everyone can move on with their new lives.  Once they get adjusted and relaxed in their new surroundings my parents will be incredibly happy with what they have done.  I am so thrilled that now they are not alone and attempting to cope as if they were a good 20 years younger than they are.  What a relief for all of us.

Got all the dusting completed this morning.  Tomorrow morning the bathroom fixtures and mirrors will have their turn for a good cleaning and then, all being well, I will pick up our son at the airport after lunch.  Hopefully the now forecast poor weather at both ends of his trip will not create problems with flying and arrival times.  I am praying so hard that this will not be another nightmare trip for Eli, as he has had so incredibly many of those in recent years when flying within Canada.  He never has problems with his many flights in the USA, at least not like the problems on this side of the border.

After our amazing, dry, ice-free start to winter it appears it will all end tomorrow with a huge amount of rain that will freeze by dinnertime and leave us with the thickest ice base in a long time for the rest of this winter. Sigh....there are to be snow flurries on Thursday and those will make the ice even more slippery and treacherous, particularly for those of us who have much to fear when we fall down.  Poor Eli....every time he flies to the prairies to visit us the weather turns ugly about the time he arrives and stays that way until a day or two after he goes home again.  I was SO certain that wasn't going to happen this time...o how wrong it seems I am about that!!

I am grateful for the good deal I got a couple of months ago on a large jug of ice melt at the grocery store.  We will need to sprinkle it on the porch and back steps and around the car if I am going to be going anywhere over the next week. The day time highs will not be above zero any more, so whatever lands on the ground tomorrow we are stuck with for many weeks to come.

Well, it will all be fine just because our son is here.  We are taking him to Moose Jaw on Friday night for dinner with friends who love him as if he was their own son.  He is very happy about that, even though those people are nearly the age of his parents.  Eli is very good at intergenerational visiting and I do believe that if we had met this family while he was still a child he would have adopted them as a second mom and dad.  I am so looking forward to it and praying for passable highways by then.

How grateful I am that my husband will be home tonight before the rain and freezing begins...although I am praying for his safety, AND that he remembered his distance glasses because he will be not likely be home before midnight after several hours' drive in the dark.

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