Thursday, December 17, 2015

More Like Winter At Last has been -14C most of the morning, possibly heading for the grand and glorious high of -9C! Whoopee!! Finally it is winter, real winter, despite only having about 3cm of snow. It is not nice to finally be experiencing seasonal weather, but we knew it had to arrive sometime. If the temperatures can remain below zero until at least March we will have no more freezing rain. We have been blessed with more than six weeks less winter weather this year and for that I am intensely grateful. I admit I rather enjoy watching the wee snowflakes that are drifting down from the iron grey sky.

My husband slept in this morning in order to recover from the 14 hour day he worked yesterday, then did some correspondence for work here at home, before walking to the office after lunch. His lovely, warm, new down parka is getting a workout today. I am proud of him for not wimping out and driving to his office. He is finally admitting he needs to shape up, lose weight and work off instead of "eat off" his stress. Each office day he straps on his large backpack, containing his laptop, book of Canons, lunch, phone, keys and whatever is needed that day, boots up and walks out into the cold darkness of the morning. It is often just as cold and dark when he returns home in the evenings. At this rate he will lose weight and be in better shape in only a few weeks.

It is quite a chore now to reach my parents on the phone. haha They are not available Sunday morning as they can now go to church services in the complex if they have no ride to their own church. They are not available Tuesday morning because the home care nurse comes to give baths. They are not available Tuesday afternoon because they play Bingo. They are not available Wednesday morning because that is the morning they take the complex bus to the grocery store. They are not available Thursday morning because they have appointments with either the hair dresser or the podiatrist or.... They are not available Friday morning because the home care nurse returns to give bath number two. They are not available any afternoon or evening when entertainment is provided in the common room. They are not available any afternoon that they have scheduled visits with old friends who also live in the complex, or when visits have been scheduled with other friends...which seems to be at least twice a week, in around the provided entertainment. They are not available ANY day between 5pm and 7pm because they are in the dining room eating their evening meal and visiting with everyone in sight.  Their voices on the phone have gone from sounding like my phone calls are a long awaited life raft in a raging sea, to complete impatience that my calls are taking up precious time that could be spent doing FUN things!  hahahaha  It is completely fantastic and I have long awaited this sort of change for them in their lives.  How cute are they these days???!!

Off to a second Bishop's prayer meeting this evening.  Tonight we will concentrate on the more usual monthly agenda items and pray up a storm.  It is always a most encouraging time together as we battle on in trust that God will continue to heal and repair our diocese and bring glory to him.  

Then my husband has 2 precious and badly needed days off work.  So thrilled the retreat time earlier this week has been successful as far as coming up with some ideas to improve the work load for everyone in the new year. Hallelujah!

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