Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Son in the Sun!

Our son emailed last night to let us know he and his boss have arrived safely in Miami for NADA art fair and are happily ensconced in an Art Deco hotel right on Miami Beach. He is delighted with their beach front digs, but can only hope they have a few hours off from the big show to take advantage of their gorgeous surroundings. Art fairs involve a great deal of hard work and tend to consume all one's time and energies. At least he is in a sunny area, far from the constant cloud and rain that Vancouver is experiencing.

In other news, on December 21 my former physiotherapist is going to make a trip to visit us once again. He has a meeting of his own the next day not far from here, so is going to have a good time of theological and philosophical discussion with my husband, and see how he can further assist my recovery. I am pleased, as I have some questions about my physio, but no one available here to ask! Looking forward to his visit.

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