Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Worst Fears Confirmed, But It's All Good News From There!

I spent yesterday afternoon with the physiotherapist who saved me from needing permanent walking aids when I shattered my ankle a few years ago.  How often is a person so blessed as to have a FORMER therapist make a 10 hour round trip to give an unofficial assessment on his day off???  I am blessed beyond measure....as is my husband, because once my session was finished the two of them resumed their former philosphical and theological discussions as if their last visit was yesterday instead of over a year ago.

As a result of our time together I am going to be signing legal documents naming this fellow as my therapist once again and giving him permission to access my former and upcoming x-rays and my surgical reports!  YIPPEE!!!  HELP is on the way!

I have known for some weeks that my recovery is not going as well as it should be.  My big thigh muscles are incredibly weak still, over 3 months post surgery and the joint continues to shoot out an incredible jolt of pain if I happen to put certain stresses of movement upon it. It could be a result of the location of the screw heads.

The therapist was as shocked as I have been that no one has recommended I go to physio here in the city. I suspect it is partly because, like most places in this province, there is a dearth of physiotherapists and the ones that are here, even in private practise, are so overbooked they can't handle any more patients other than dire emergencies.  The attitude being tossed my way is that I am doing "well enough for a woman my age". Thank you Lord that my former therapist doesn't accept that idea.  

So, I now have 11 exercises to do every day for the next month that will push my pain levels rather high, but must be done if I want to walk or rotate my hip anywhere near to normal ever again.  What a wonderful relief to know it can still be accomplished despite this very late start.  Depending on the actual placement of the screw heads from those Gamma nails, I will possibly change the exercises again after my next set of x-rays and appointment with the surgeon in January.  The therapist is hoping I will be able to rebuild and strengthen the muscle tissue to the point of not having to have a second surgery later next year to remove those heads.  YES!!  From our mouths to God's ears!

I admit I have been feeling a tad frightened about my progress or lack thereof, but after yesterday's assessment hope is restored.  As far as I am concerned this fellow is the best in the business and I have been so fortunate to have met him and to have become part of his extended client list.  Thank you Lord!!! 


chris e. said...

I was reading this wondering 'if this isn't a dire emergency, then what is?' Oh, now I understand! Good enough for a woman 'your age.' Yeesh!!! Evidently we get consigned to the couch with the first grey hairs!

Susan said...

But, you will be proud of me for not losing my temper in the face of such insulting behaviour. Pretty cool, huh?

chris e. said...

Absolutely! And I guarantee if they had seen you actually losing your temper, they wouldn't have dared treat you like that!!!