Friday, December 4, 2015

Nummy Lunch

It is not usually a GOOD thing when I have eaten so much lunch at one sitting that I can't hoist myself into the car and do the grocery shopping I planned to do after the meal.

However, today I don't care!  The grocery store will still be there and filled with food when it opens tomorrow at 8:30am and I will be the first customer...I promise!

Today we went to what used to be the Melrose restaurant.  It used to be a great haunt for senior citizens and featured what I consider to be a typical 1970's style menu. We ate there exactly once several years ago on a trip through Regina.

Some time ago Melrose closed its doors. It is now Unique Bistro.  Today we were on our way past it after doing some banking and decided to pull in and try it out.  We are SO very glad we did.  The food was fabulous!

The menu is unique but without being so over the top for Reginans as to scare them away.  There are some deliciously new items to the city like a confit de canard on the appetizer list.  We were too hungry for appetizers though so I ordered a full entree for myself.  It was a boneless half chicken with a nice garlic aioli and some sliced brie, perfectly cooked el dente style carrots, green beans and a half corn cob, roasted small potatoes...and LOTS of each item.  It was a goodly amout of food for the price!  My husband ordered herbed chicken on a very fresh ciabatta bun with a nice helping of  lettuce, tomato slices and pickle and a tasty mayo sauce, along with well cooked yam fries.  He found his chicken a tad salty, but still delicious.  The service was very, very good as well.

Our fear with this lovely little restaurant is that it will not be able to overcome its reputation left over from when the building was Melrose.  Unique Bistro does not feature items that would be appealing to many seniors in this city.  The menu is new and fresh.  We hope that people will overlook the fact that the exterior of the building has not changed apart from the signage and give the new owners and chefs a try.  I hope that the owners can redo some of the exterior so that the point of new ownership is made more obvious.  We really enjoyed our meal and won't hesitate to return.

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