Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pip Pip Cheerio

Our final day together as a family for this visit has been glorious, both the visiting and the weather. It is +1C this afternoon, so the deep muddy slush is pretty ugly, but the bright sun means no one cares.

It was a real privilege to stand beside our son this morning in the church service, to introduce him to our congregation, to worship together and have his dad able to show off his skills as a preacher. Then off we went across the city to Tandoori Kebab for a marvellous lunch. We watched a televised boxing match for part of the afternoon, before both guys decided to grab a quick nap before it is time for Eli to pack for the flight home. I am so sad to see the end of this visit because it could be a very long time before we are together again. My travel insurance cost is going to be prohibitive should our son find himself living south of the border in a few months' time....well, best not to think about that yet.

I had a special time with Eli yesterday while his dad was at work. A pub lunch was followed by a most relaxing afternoon at MacKenzie Art Gallery. We specifically went to see Anthony McCall's Line Describing a Cone 2.0. It is a wonderful installation that is meditative as well as being an interesting concept piece. So happy we were able to see it together. My son saw the original piece in Germany several years ago. This more recent one has been digitized. To learn about McCall's work, this one in particular, give him/it a Google! Fascinating stuff!

One more hour until it is time to make a bit of dinner and head back to the I detest saying goodbye yet again. It has been a good, relaxed, fun time together and I am grateful we were able to share an early Christmas celebration. Yay!!

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