Thursday, December 31, 2015

Seeing Out The Old Year With Full Reps...and an Orange Curd Tart!

So happy to be doing all 450 reps each day as of this week. It is like my muscles are craving all that stretching and joint manipulation. No matter how much I would prefer not to be locked into that half hour physio event after every meal five days a week, it makes me feel so good I never miss a session.

My husband bought me a beautiful lunch today for my Christmas gift. We tried to go to The Cottage but it was closed. So, back to Unique Bistro. I was just as happy because I was able to eat a very low carb chicken and salad meal in order to blissfully enjoy my final dessert "cheat" of the holiday season: an award winning orange curd tart with cardamom and a light licorice/balsamic glaze. Yes, my husband shared it with me, so that cut my sugar intake. Oooo, what a treat, right up there with the bistro's chai brûlée. Thus ends the holiday feasting. Back to my stringent diabetic menu. I am ready for it, not remotely tempted to push the dietary limits any further.

Our New Years Eve is as quiet as the rest of our holiday. We are snuggling on the couch, watching the Ron James comedy special, snacking on smoked Gouda, Brie and ciabatta rounds. It is quite lovely.

Perhaps we will be able to sleep in on the first morning of 2016, relaxing into this next new year.

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