Thursday, December 10, 2015

Snow Covered Ice

Looks like the ice and the light covering of snow are here to stay. Drat! BUT, the daytime highs will be only a few degrees below zero, still about ten degrees warmer than usual for this time of year. Yay!

It is after 9am and the guys are still asleep. What a relief the tractors and bobcats right outside the bedroom windows are not waking them up as sand is being scooped out of a large pile in the parking lot beside our car. The lots and sidewalks in our complex will be passable on foot very soon. I am chuckling though because ever since the rental office closed here in our part of the complex, the maintenance folk are completely ignoring their instructions to refrain from driving machinery over the lawns. Our moving truck this past winter was not allowed to come anywhere near a convenient place for the movers to unload in order to avoid breaking any part of the underground sprinkling system with its heavy tires. Since the rental office relocated and there are no "superiors" to watch what is going on here, we have had huge tractor units, bobcats with heavy buckets, tree trunk chippers and other heavy equipment being driven and parked on the very lawns our movers were not allowed anywhere near with the van. There was a far thicker covering of snow over the watering system then than there has been since the present invasion of equipment running right past our doors.
Mind you, if we have to move out in winter conditions, there will be no office staff to see the moving van backing right up to our back stairs for loading purposes! There is usually something good in these sorts of situations, eh? haha!

I am grateful we are no longer living in our former parish because there was so much snow and freezing rain there overnight that the highways are ice covered and travel is not recommended. We would once again be spending the visit with our son worrying about how we were going to be able to get him to the airport over two hours away for his flight home, and how we would harness sufficient energy afterward to get ourselves home again. I shudder remembering the visits up there.

Our local highways have some icy patches, but hopefully the semi rigs will wear most of those off by tomorrow evening before we head to Moose Jaw. Winter conditions have finally arrived, but compared to other, non El NiƱo winters, this one has been quite fabulous thus far.

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