Sunday, December 6, 2015


It has taken almost 9 months of weekly effort to manage to meet the other neighbours in our building, but today the efforts paid off!  There is a lovely Muslim family that lives in the other end of our building, the one family I have had little contact with since we arrived but who my husband and I have tried very hard to connect with on the few occasions we have seen each other.

When I arrived home from a VERY fun choir practise this afternoon I decided to let my sleeping husband stay that way and grabbed the large bag of garbage from the kitchen that needed to be dragged across the lawn and out to the bin in the parking lot.  As it happened, those very neighbours were standing on their back deck enjoying the sunshine and watching the poopy geese on the lawn.  As I dragged the bag over the grass the husband approached me and told me he would take the garbage bag to the bin for me.  I started to decline, but he said, "it is neighbours helping neighbours", so I let him.  It was a relief actually as that bin seems a lot farther away than it did before I broke my hip. haha

While he was doing that I struck up a conversation with his wife and she invited me to come for coffee some afternoon in the next couple of weeks as she knows I am home alone as often as she is.  Delightful!!  I don't want to pry, but I hope at some point we can talk about how and why they immigrated from "somewhere" to Canada and how they are faring since they arrived.  I cannot believe the incredibly frightening lives so many people live. I hope they did not end up in Canada because of terrifying situations in their home country.  I am guessing from their heavy accents they have not been in this country for too many years.

So, assuming all goes well there, we will have good relationships with 2 of the other 3 tenants in our building.  The other fellow that lives here is a middle aged fellow who is at work far more than he is at home.  He has spoken with my husband once or twice but we rarely see him.  He seems very nice as well, what little we know of him.

I am very glad we live in a city that is still small enough that we can actually meet and talk to the folk who live immediately around us.  It is a more secure feeling than being totally alone even though physically surrounded by other families.

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