Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Surprisingly Good News....Yay!

Off I toddled to see the doctor this morning to get the results of my twice yearly lab tests.  I am so grateful she could see me during walk in hours this morning so I could cancel my appointment next week and not spend ten days concerned about test results!

Well, I got quite a shock about my A1C, cholesterol and liver function tests:  the numbers have barely changed in 6 months for the last 2 and my A1C is exactly the same as what it has been for the past 18 months!  I am thrilled, totally surprised, delighted....WOW!  The reason I got called in for the results is because some blood was found somewhere there oughtn't to be any, but there could be any number of reasons for that, so I am not going to worry about it until I get the results of the second donation I made at the lab following today's doctor's appointment.  If there is still a problem we will go from there.  My new doctor is proving herself to be a gem when it comes to follow up tests and examinations.  I feel safe and secure with her just like I did with my marvellous doctor in the last town where we lived.  I am so happy I don't have to keep the original follow up appointment as it is the same day my son arrives for a short visit. I will have enough to do just driving my husband out to our church that morning for staff meeting, running to the airport to get The Son and then heading back out to the church to pick up my husband after work there.

Every time I get good blood work results after an A1C I make that day my "treat day"!  That is the day once every 3 months that I treat myself to a meal I should not eat...a day to look forward to with great joy and that keeps me from experiencing diabetic burnout.  Today I took myself out for a burger at Swiss Chalet.  The buns there are white flour but they are particularly tiny and I resisted the urge to have fries...had a caesar salad instead because this particular outlet puts such scant amounts of dressing on their salads that cholesterol is no big factor.  I ate the entire bun and after my main course I ordered and ate a piece of chocolate fudge cake.  Again, I know the badly overpriced cake slices there are quite tiny, but I shouldn't eat cake with icing at all and I ate the whole thing.  Took a good long walk afterward to burn off some sugar, but I certainly enjoyed my autumn high carb pig out!!  If my A1C in 3 months' time is stable I will do it again!

Another abnormally warm and sunny day today, only a slight breeze, just the perfect day to be out and about.  I am trying to decide if there is somewhere else I could go this afternoon to take advantage of having the car, but maybe I will just go and stand on our sunny back porch and have a phone chat with my parents. It is time to check up on them once again and see how they are managing in this final week before the big move.  I have decided I am going to purchase a second tv for them as their Christmas present...they are going to try just having their current bedroom tv in the new living room, but the other tv they have now is so big and old and heavy there is nowhere to put it in the new place and is not making the move. I know Dad will really miss having one in the bedroom where he spends most of his time in the afternoons resting.  If they put their present tv in there though, mom will have nothing to watch in the living room while Dad has the bedroom tv in use for himself. There is not another thing they need that I can give them for Christmas, so this seems like a good idea.  I will float the idea when I chat with them today.

Hope it is a lovely day wherever you are and that any news you receive today is good news indeed!

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