Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thank You Lord For Physiotherapy!!!!

Oh how grateful I am as I see some small progress in restoring the mobility to my hip.  I can tell it will never be completely normal because of the type of hardware attached to the bones, but it is certainly gaining ground in mobility and the pain is down to almost nil, other than that glorious pain of healing that accompanies muscles stretching themselves back into shape. Whew! There is definitely hope being restored alongside the mobility, even after only 8 days of actual exercises. (I learned with the broken ankle that the admonition from my therapist to exercise Monday to Friday and then take the next 2 days off has a purpose and I am following that advice once again.)  I look forward now to my physio after each meal, instead of dreading the strain involved.  

We were going to try to see the new Star Wars this afternoon, but decided that even at the 2D theatres there would likely be far too many younger kids and pre-teens for us to enjoy the movie.  We will wait until all the kids are back in school and then take one of my husband's evenings off work to go, maybe in a couple of weeks.  He is going to try to take Mondays and Tuesdays off consistently starting the second week of January as he has so many Saturdays all ready this coming year scheduled with meetings.  We will see how that works.  Praying it will be a good thing and a manageable schedule each week...although it all ready has to change the last week of January due to a visiting VIP my husband will be responsible for spending time with.

I am trying to think of and get my hands onto appropriate Epiphany gifts for some of the office staff by Monday.  The Burns-Hanley store is closed this week and won't reopen until next Tuesday, but I am hoping my husband can take something in for the staff on Monday before the office opens again to the public later in the week.  Hmmmm....I am going to have to be creative. Dietary issues effect most of the staff so simply baking something yummy is not the best option unfortunately.  Lots to think about over the next 4 days.  

Choir begins again this coming Sunday afternoon.  It will be our second last rehearsal before the concert the following weekend.  I am still trying to decide how enthused I am about staying involved for the second term that takes us into May sometime.  Typical of me, I would miss the people there so much that leaving choir would be difficult, more difficult because of missing people than because of missing the singing!  I confess I really didn't care for many of our songs this term because so many of them are Christmas-y and don't appeal to me. Will see what we are going to be learning next term I guess.

We ended up staying home today for the entire day.  As it happened, we BOTH slept in until nearly 10:30am.  I had a late night snack prior to bedtime and so I didn't wake up famished so late in the morning.  As a result our mealtimes have been out of whack all day, but I have still been able to retain the right number of hours between meals.  Next week when my husband returns to work and the alarm clock goes at 6:30am once again it is going to be a huge shock to my system.  We are aiming for early bedtimes for the next few days to be prepared for the change.  My husband spent the day doing computer back ups and getting things set up so that we can both use the printer without dragging cables across the hallway, thus setting up a tripping hazard for us both.  He also put huge sheets of cardboard up on the basement walls to help the place retain some heat upstairs.  The foundation is cement, put up in 1949, and there is no insulation whatsoever either inside or out.  Result: the leaking of warm air is ridiculous and I am so tired of wearing thick sweaters all day indoors.  There is a lot of leakage from the second storey as well because any batt isulation that started out in the walls has sunk to the lowest point, leaving many cold spots along every outside wall.  At least we are sleeping well because you can't accuse the upstairs of being too hot!  I am also hoping to save a bit now on the electric bill.  We have taped and put shims around the basement windows and that is helping as well.  When you can stick your finger between the window sill and the cement wall and find the end of your finger outside in the cold it is time to take measures to repair the problem, even temporarily.  What a crazy old place we are living in.

My son certainly got a surprise this morning when a 4.3 earthquake shook the house where he stays after he was in bed sleeping.  He at first thought it was his neighbours starting one of their violent fights, but then realized the entire house was shaking, not just his floor.  How grateful he and all of us are that there was no real damage anywhere and that the quake was mild, AND at least 50km below sea level so there was no worry about tsunamis.   I saw an interview on the tv news later this afternoon with a fellow from Chile who lives in Vancouver now and he was chuckling at the upset this small tremor caused his fellow residents.  Apparently compared to the tremors in his homeland this little quake was hardly worth noting. I have to admit his comments made me feel better about my son living on the west coast.

Well, off to find something relaxing on tv to watch before bed tonight.


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