Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thank You WestJet

When I picked my son up at the airport the other day, I was sitting in the arrivals area waiting for his plane to land when it hit me I had not brought any money to pay for parking.  I detest using my credit card for a charge under five dollars and using it in a parking machine takes forever, with other folk lined up impatiently waiting their turn.  So, I was delighted when an employee of WestJet approached me, asked me if I was parked in the lot to await an arrival and when I confirmed that I was indeed, she exchanged my green parking ticket with a yellow ticket that gave me completely free parking at the airport for however long my car was in the lot. What an unexpected and handy act of kindness from the airline.

Thank you WestJet!  You not only made my day a tad brighter, but also relieved a number of other airport patrons of a long wait behind me at the parking machine! On an icy, bleak day, you made me smile!

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