Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Good Kind of Discomfort

I just completed my first set of reps in the new physio regime. To say I hurt is a serious understatement. I couldn't even complete all ten reps on some of the exercises because of pain in the joint and weak muscles, BUT it is a start...a great start to a better recovery! Within two days I aim to make at least twenty of my thirty required daily reps, with a full cycle underway by the weekend.

How well I remember the even worse pain at the beginning of the physiotherapy for my ankle. I vividly remember hanging onto the edge of the kitchen sink, desperately trying to balance while standing only on the injured leg and raising myself up on tip toe. I remember the first few days, giving up by the third rep, standing on my good leg instead, leaning over the edge of the sink and sobbing from the pain and frustration, as well as the fear that I would never be able to walk again.

Today there was also pain, but far less frustration and very little fear. This time around I have great faith that all the work WILL bring about a positive result! I learned discipline from my mother as I watched her battle through a hip replacement, daily, faithfully, doing her excruciatingly painful physiotherapy. It paid off, as did the physio for my own ankle.

So after dinner this evening it will be time for round two. I WILL get myself down on the floor. I WILL get my leg back behind me and rest my ankle on the arm of a chair while straightening my torso and leaning backwards. I WILL squat half way down with my butt in the air, an elastic around my knees and walk in that stance around the living room. I WILL hug my knee to my chest over and over. I WILL put my good foot on the third stair with my good knee bent and my bad leg stretched out behind me and maintain the position for a full minute. I WILL make a half bridge with my good leg while pressing down on the heel of my bad leg and raising my buttocks off the floor. I WILL wrap the elastic around my knees and try to push them apart. I WILL stand on tip toes and balance on my bad leg repetition after repetition. I WILL stretch, bend, sway and rotate that joint and those thigh muscles. I WILL! I WILL!! I WILL!

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chris e. said...

Hurray for your determination! And keep going--you beat the spectre of being a tottery old lady back with every repetition.