Monday, December 14, 2015

The Place Seems a Tad Empty Today

Our son emailed in the early hours of the morning to say he had arrived back home over an hour late due to snow conditions in Edmonton where he caught his connecting flight.  It was nearly 2am before he got back to his place and I am glad he was able to use some Christmas gift money to hail a cab from the airport to go home.  He rented out his suite while he was away and made a few dollars there, so that was a good bonus.  I slept better once I knew he was safely ensconced in his own home once again.

Early this morning I drove my husband and his overnight gear over to the office where he met up with the Bishop and the Canon for Education. They went together from there to a retreat centre out of town for 2 days of prayer and discussion about what needs to change in all their job descriptions in order to be able to do a more reasonable amount of work each week.  At the moment there is far too much work for the 3 of them and something has to change or they will all be completely burnt out.  I am praying for wisdom and for faith to step out in trust that God will provide the badly needed funds that would allow either more staff or some other way to free each of them to get more rest and refreshment between the typical diocesan crises that arise and regularly  accompany these positions.  May the Lord give them each great discernment and complete agreement about what is to be done.

After I dropped my husband off I headed over to the post office to get a box for the one present we are giving this year.  By the time I was done there the grocery store was open so I purchased a week's supply of food that cost me very little as I used up most of the PC points to pay for the load...thank you Lord for PC points!!  I only paid $35 cash for my $125 purchase.  Since we have about six weeks between the December and January pay days due to the holidays, anything I can do to save money over that two months each year is a huge bonus!  

All my chores completed, I headed home. The groceries were unpacked and put away just before 9am!  YAY!!  I packed up the gift and headed back to the post office to send it off just as the misty rain began to freeze, so will spend the rest of this lovely day at home doing laundry.  Hopefully I won't have to go out again until tomorrow sometime.  Having to scrape the ice off the car windows every time I return to a parking lot after shopping grows old very quickly.  This weather continues to amaze me though as the ice is slushy again by mid afternoon every day.  Thank you once again El Nino.

I am looking forward to my lunch today: leftovers from the Pakistani feast we enjoyed yesterday.  Yum!!!  My son ordered a lot of very spicy dishes while I wimped out a bit and asked for medium spicing and my husband, who has developed a tender tummy when it comes to spicy foods, was reduced to ordering some very mildly spiced dishes.  Should be a good combo of spicings for me to enjoy today.  Yippee!!  There is just enough rice and naan left for my carb counts to be within range....oooh, some days life is very wonderful.

Off to do laundry.  I am going to keep myself very busy over the next couple of days.  After having both the men here for such a happy time of visiting, the townhouse seems to echo with emptiness with them both gone.  I suppose I need the down time...I suppose........

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