Saturday, December 26, 2015

What Are You Doing On Boxing Day?

We are watching boxing on tv! Seriously.....Louis vs Bence for the Canadian Cruiser Weight championship....tee hee...Boxing Day....boxing match...tee hee.....

Most hilarious fight ever: Dylan Carman vs Eric Martell for Canadian Heavy Weight championship.
It was an absolute barroom brawl! No technical boxing here, just a roundhouse punch fest with lots of pushing, shoving, craziness...hahaha! I've never seen anything like it, hahaha!


Penny said...

we have had the "Christmas yule log" on TV running for most of the day. I have finished reading one book and into about Chapter 5 of another....puttering, shredding, resting, reading, just taking it easy!

sounds like this was a good day just to rest!

hugs galore to you both.

Susan said...

Oooh, sounds delightful. We don't have the Christmas Yule Log channel or the Fireplace Channel at all here, but my parents like it for background on quiet days there as well. Enjoy your day today. We have a cafe style Lessons and Carols with our United church friends this morning, so that will be fun. Dell has no duties as technically he is off work today, but we like to go and just be part of the congregation for a change.