Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wow...What a Wonderful Blessing!

I am not quite narcissistic enough to suppose that the revised and now rather improved weather forecast for today was a matter of God's divine intervention in the universe unfolding as it should, but I have to say I am pretty darned grateful to Him that picking up my son from the airport in 3 hours time is apparently not going to be the icy disaster that has been predicted up until early this morning.

We did get some rain very early this morning that froze in a few places, but now the sun is out, the temperature is just above zero and aiming for +4C this afternoon and the bit of ice on the road outside is all ready melted and starting to dry.  We are still scheduled for some freezing rain after midnight, but we will all be safely home in bed by then....or at least settled down in the living room for a late night visit over wine and cheese.  My husband has the next 2 days off, so once he is home today we don't care so much if the weather brings snow each day for the rest of the time our son is here.  As long as we can get to Moose Jaw and back on Friday night, that is really all I am concerned with now.

My husband got home shortly after 1am and was over in the office for an all day meeting just before 9am.  He is going to be pretty wiped out tomorrow, but I suspect both the men will be in that condition. They are both workaholics and a day off is a day to sleep in and do as little as possible.  I will confine myself to waiting on them hand and foot, but on Friday they ARE going to take me out somewhere in this city and do some fun sightseeing and eat out!  Like Al Capp's Mammy Yokum, "Ah has spoken!"

The bathroom fixtures are sparkling, I am dressed with my hair done and some makeup plastered on my deathly pale face, so I think it is safe to go out in public today.  I don't know when my sleep disorder is going to take a break and give me a good night's sleep again, but hopefully it will be soon.  I am tired of looking wan and weak day after day.

I can't believe we are flying so quickly through the Advent season and that in a matter of a couple of weeks it will be Christmas!  Shocking!  I haven't yet had the time to just sit and meditate on the past year, to spend time in true repentence for the past year's actions and thoughts, to experience anew the surety of God's forgiveness and to look forward with joyful expectation to the year to come.  Too much time has been spent dealing with health issues and family worries etc.  So, next week while my husband is away on retreat, I am going to participate in a bit of retreating of my own, some time alone here with the Lord for prayer and meditation on those very things.

There has been no word from my doctor about test results, so, unless there is some further test being done on my specimens that I was not made aware of that she is waiting on results for, I am going to assume my last tests showed negative results for the fearful possibilities she and I discussed. Another blessing you Lord once again.  AND if it turns out I am wrong and there is a call in the next week or so, thank you Lord anyway for giving me this wonderful, relaxed time to see my son with no spectre of immediate illness hanging over my head.

Still waiting to hear from my parents that they are safely installed in the new place.  With them, no news is good news as a rule, so I am assuming they are in recovery today, plus it is an hour earlier in the morning there, plus who knows if their phone is hooked up yet!!??  OK, yes, I admit I tried to call them last night and they were not yet connected.

Off to enjoy this glorious, so far ice free day!!

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