Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Beautiful Winter Day

It is my favourite kind of winter late afternoon: the sun, low in the southwestern sky, is a glowing glare of white as it attempts to pierce the fog, the snowflakes are huge and fluffy and are teeming out of the sky, the frost is so thick on the tree limbs that the weight of it is pulling the branches down toward the ground...aaah, one of the few joys of winter. Soooo beautiful!

Had a wonderful visit with a dear friend over lunch of sambar, fragrant rice, prunes, raspberries, yogurt and chocolate pudding. The visit was even sweeter than the pudding.

It has been a lovely, relaxed day; a good day of restful activities before all the cooking I have to do tomorrow. Should be a fun day in the kitchen. If I can just find some orange water at the Indian grocery in the morning, all will be well for my Moroccan salad.

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