Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Day Of Fun and a Day Of Work

Yesterday was a fun day and today is laundry day...not that laundry day isn't a ton of fun...seeing all those grubby clothing items return to sparkling cleanliness and all that....yeah.....right.....but a great way to fill in a day that is extremely cold once again and is also a day when I have no car to use.  I will have more fun on the weekend cleaning the suite....yeah....right....but a great way to fill days that are extremely cold once again and also days when I have no car to use.  You get my point.......have car, WILL travel!

Yesterday began with only my second trip to Cornwall Centre since September's little accident.  It was lovely to get out window shopping and getting my hair cut properly.  Well, actually the hair cut did work out, (despite a half hour description by the stylist of her kitten's recent, nearly fatal bladder blockage...eeeewwww) but the window shopping was a bit of a bomb...a dismal failure....a fiasco....yup, I bought two tops that I really don't need.  

In my defense, when Dot's has a clearance sale and has wonderful, beautiful, well made items on a rack for ONE DOLLAR apiece, how could I possibly have said no to making a purchase?  Right?  If I wear the top a few times, wash it a couple of times and it falls apart, well, nothing really lost, and some enjoyment in the meantime, right?!!  Of course right!

The one dollar item assuaged my burning conscience over the sixty dollar item I also purchased....also half price and I know that to be true because I have been eyeing said item for a couple of months in another store where it is retailed at double the price I paid. No, I don't really need the pant jacket, BUT at that price.....right??? Of course right!!  Dot's is a great clearing house for all manner of items, some well made and wonderful, others not so great.  I just enjoy searching through all the crammed in racks looking for the types of bargains I found yesterday. (the purchases also gave me the excuse I seemed to be needing to bag up for the thrift store a couple of other clothing items at home that I have not been wearing or wanting to keep for some time)

My husband was running errands of his own for work but met me at Zam Zam Wraps for an early lunch.  Oh those chicken shwarama salads are fantastic.  I did a bit of a sodium splurge by having several pickled turnips on it...bad me....o well, too late now, urp!!

The other fun thing yesterday was receiving funny cards in the mail and phone calls from so many friends and family all afternoon and into the evening.   Mostly everyone was feeling upbeat and was full of fun: a good health report, a lost job restored, a relationship mediated and was great to hear so much good news.

So, back to the laundry now....and the morning physio....and some tidying up....perhaps I will get around to getting dressed eventually...just in case I either have to go somewhere unexpectedly, or because someone comes to the door that I am not aware is coming, or just because it would be a good thing to do to stay feeling human today.  There goes the dryer buzzer...time to go to work once again. 

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