Monday, January 18, 2016

A Good Day For Me!

I am feeling pink today...I wore a pink teeshirt and a pink scarf and a pink pinkie ring to my appointment with the surgeon today to keep me feeling cheery.  It was an excellent appointment.  A couple of weeks ago  my pain levels were still a lot higher than they should be and we wondered what the problem was.  Short version, because of the physiotherapy I have been doing "under the radar", the problem has sorted itself out and my x-rays and other tests today show no problem whatsoever!!  All I have to do now is fax the permission slips to my physiotherapist from when I broke my ankle so that he can access my files. Then he will phone and set up a schedule for my next round of therapy.  The surgeon was so happy I am not "waddling", as he was expecting me to be. Well of course I am not waddling sir, my good friend and physiotherapist has made certain of that.  According to the surgeon and local therapists there is no need to be doing any of the exercises I have been doing...although not one of them knows I am doing them...because really, "at my age" (again with the ageism) all I need to do apparently is some treadmill work once in awhile and some cross country skiing moves at home.  Yeah...right...sigh...what is wrong with you people??? Please don't make me regret moving to this city!! 

My wonderful husband got up at 7am on this, his day off, to drive me to the appointment and come with me to hear what the surgeon had to say.  The x-rays are looking great!  The bone has healed well and there is good blood flow to the ball joint.  My husband tried to photograph the x-ray but the camera feature on his phone wouldn't work...until we got home and it was too late, hahaha.  Personally I don't require a copy of my x-rays on the phone!! The muscles and nail heads are finally creating a certain detente that is reducing the pain for me; blisters under the scar have broken at last and that has taken away much of the pain at the lower end of the plate.  (I am a blisterer with most surgeries...outside on my skin near the site of the surgery, inside under the incision. No one knows why, but they all weep out at some point and that is the end of them.)

Today the electric and natural gas bills arrived and I braced myself for another big slew of money going out of our account.  The natural gas bill was almost double again from last month, but I am not surprised because it has been so cold and the furnace has been running a lot.  It is always an "actual" reading as opposed to the electric bill's "estimated" reading that happens 8 months out of 12 each year.  This month's electric bill was an actual reading and, as I suspected after the giant estimation that put our bill way up last month, not only is the actual useage far less than estimated and ensuring I don't have a payment to make this month, I also received a $28 dollar credit toward next month's bill!  YES!!!!!  If we were living in our own home rather than a rental unit we could go on an annual plan to pay the same amount of each of those utilities for 11 months of every year and then the 12th month would either result in a refund or one larger payment depending on actual use.  Another joy of renting is the suprise of each month's utility bills, haha.  Last month it was Surprise Bad and this month it is Surprise Good!  I personally believe we should take what we saved this month on electricity and go out for dinner, but since it is still close to -30C outside and my husband is running around doing errands and having his own doctor's appointment this afternoon, I am pretty sure we will be eating at home tonight! 

Mom had her ultrasound today so I am hoping the results will be available to her by the end of the week.  I think I am coming to peace about what is likely going to happen.  Mom, after spending most of her adult life unable to make most of her own life's decisions other than choosing to work for over 50 years, will now have the chance to make the biggest decision of all...whether to continue to try to live through treatments or accept the inevitable and allow herself to pass away.  There is no bigger decision for anyone than that.  I know the results are not in yet, but after what she told me yesterday it seems that there is no other possibility than dialysis for treatment.  So we are all trying to prepare ourselves.  This is the first day in the past 4 that I haven't been weepy and upset and crabby, so maybe some of mom's stoicism is wearing off on me.

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