Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And the Rich Get Richer

I just read a newspaper article that mentioned a former aquaintance of mine who lives in a town far away.  He is a multimillionaire land dealer and cattle rancher.  He just won nearly twenty-five thousand dollars in a sports lotto.  As I read through the list of other winners I noticed a couple of names of other former aquaintances of mine.  They are in far greater financial need; one of them I know for sure would have had to sacrifice financially to even purchase a ticket on the draw in support for her grandson who is on the sports team sponsoring the contest. She also won...a paltry five hundred her it will be an absolute fortune and she will be grateful for it for the rest of her life.  The fellow who won the bigger bucks may deposit his cheque into his bank account and never think about it again as it is such a drop in the bucket of his large fortune. (Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the man. He has worked hard for decades to amass his fortune.)  The inequity of finances around the world has always fascinated me.  Because I happen to know people who won both larger and smaller amounts in this particular lotto, I am reminded of a certain biblical story about a widow and her two mites....sound familiar?  I am grateful God notices the poor as well as the rich.  In him there is equity at the end of life that isn't always apparent here on earth.

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