Thursday, January 21, 2016


Today I feel jittery. While I have many items and people to pray for today as a result of last evening's diocesan prayer meeting, today could be the day for my mom to get her test results...or it could be tomorrow....or next Monday....will she wait to call me after she has had her conference with the doctor? Once he has the results, when will that take place? I am the only member of my family who has succumbed to the "relay the news step by step" method of communicating about medical issues. The others let no one in until not only the diagnosis, but the entire plan of treatment and prognosis have been settled. Good could be another week before I hear from her! Calling her before she has news will only add to her own upset, so here I sit, still waiting. I cannot imagine what she and dad are going through and they will never share it with me. I can only pray that somehow they are managing to deal with the emotional upheaval.

So, off to do my physio, to make Moroccan stew, bake an almond date cake and prepare the bulgar for tabouli salad for tomorrow night's dinner. I am delighted that my husband has a bottle of fragrant orange water in his food stash, so now I don't have to drive all over the city tomorrow to buy some.

It is another warm and slippery day outside. How happy we are to be able to leave the car unplugged overnight for so many nights in the month of January! It will certainly be reflected in the next power bill.

Excuse me while I jitterbug out to the living room to exercise, then shake, rattle and roll myself through the rest of my very busy day.

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