Saturday, January 23, 2016

Being More Social: the Results

I feel like a deflated balloon today, one that took more than a few blasts around the room after being exploded by the prick of a very sharp pin! It has been so many months since I have created a truly decent meal for company that I perhaps got a little carried away. However, it was worth it in terms of my happiness quotient.

Unfortunately my morning of doing laundry has slid past a morning start,  even past an early afternoon start and I am now looking at a possible start time of 2pm....maybe...

Last night's dishes have made it out of the sink, been re-rinsed and are stacked beside said sink, awaiting the addition of the lunch dishes about to be dirtied and added to the soggy, dripping heap of pottery. I have lovely dishes....lovely and not remotely dishwasher safe. If they were it is possible I could be persuaded to use the dishwasher in this unit for the first time. That is how joyfully exhausted I feel today.

The more I get back into entertaining the easier it will become once again. I will also have to refrain from tiring my injured leg by walking too far prior to meal preparation. The mall crawl yesterday morning was fun, but too much work for my thigh muscles when followed by a cooking extravaganza.

Pooped out but happy.....glad to be re-entering my social scene, but now I better understand my limits with this blasted injury.

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