Monday, January 25, 2016

Bye Bye Fantastic Neighbours

I feel sad. Our lovely young family of neighbours on the other side of the wall are moving out apparently. They disappeared just before Christmas, without a word and we assumed they were visiting family for holidays. A number of different folk have come and gone, checking the place a few times a week. The young mom herself has also been here for a few hours every so often but has not said a word to us....very unusual. An hour ago she returned, followed by a large moving truck. Furniture and boxes are being moved into the truck by two burly fellows.

Our once chatty, friendly neighbours have not said a word to us all this time and that also makes me sad. I pray they are moving out for happy reasons, but I suspect if that were the case they would have mentioned this move to us. Sometimes I get a strong sense of something being wrong and I have that now. However, I am not butting in. I believe if the neighbours wanted us to know they were moving they would have told us.

We will miss them very much. They are sweet people.

Now the stress begins: who will soon be living on the other side of the wall and will we be forced to move as well if the new neighbours are noisy, or have a massive barking dog, or are smokers? We have been so blessed to have none of that with the young family.

Change: sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't. I can only wish our now former neighbours all the best and hope for the near miracle of equally fantastic new folk moving in.

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