Thursday, January 14, 2016

Can Anyone Explain This Little Ditty To Me?

When I was a kid in Sunday School we sang a number of odd little choruses, most of which I have now thankfully forgotten, but there is one I remembered the other day and no matter how hard I try I cannot make any sense of it.  Anyone out there able to help me "get it"??  The words are thus:

Rocka my soul in the bosum of Abraham (x3)
Oooh, rocka my soul.
So high you can't get over it.
So low you can't get under it.
So wide you can't go around it.
You have to go in through the door.

Whaaaaa??  Do any of you have any idea what this is about or what the point of it is?  If you actually know and are not just speculating, I would love to have the background for this ditty that seems like complete nonsense to me.

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