Friday, January 29, 2016

Dad's Cute Response

My husband and I slept better last night after hearing mom's news.  In fact, I actually relaxed enough after her phone call to lie down and have a nap.  I slept so long that my husband woke me up when he arrived home late from work and discovered there was no dinner prepared, necessitating a restaurant meal....awwwww, a restaurant meal....darn it all.....teehee....

Dad's response to mom's news was very cute: he was so excited he just HAD to do something for her, so he went to the tuck shop in their complex and bought her a lovely black and white blouse covered in little sparkles. hahaha  Mom said that when she put it on she felt like a prom queen from the waist up! haha My mother's only clothing need right now is a pair of brown slacks and she really has nowhere any more to wear a sparkling blouse, (my mom was never the sparkly blouse type anyway, teehee), BUT there is a special brunch at the complex Sunday morning and she will wear it to that to please him. She is grateful for the thought and even more grateful the tuck shop does not sell small appliances, dad's usual idea of a deeply "personal" gift, haha. I have a lifetime of memories of dad's romantic vacuums, electric mixers and electric kettles duly unwrapped and dutifully ooooh'd and ahhh'd over by my disappointed mom come Christmas mornings and birthdays. As far as dad and presents go he truly outdid himself this time. Where was this man hiding throughout the past 60 years? haha

So, another decent day today...maybe a bit of snow or rain showers later on before a nice weekend and then a bit of a deep freeze again starting Monday. I am elated in an exhausted sort of way, so have not made plans. I have the car.  I should think of something to do that is more fun than cleaning house!

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