Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dress Rehearsal Today, Yay!

I am grateful for how well our dress rehearsal went at choir this afternoon.  After last weekend's debacle rehearsal it was such a treat to see how we pulled ourselves together for the return of our director.  Sorry that we are still so dependent on him after all these months, but perhaps we were all recovering from too much holidaying over the Christmas break.  Anyway, today was pretty darned good so I hope we can carry that over into tomorrow evening's concert.  We are 8 tickets short of a complete sellout so I hope and pray we can deliver to our audience! Perhaps I will feel free to get excited now.  I am bored to tears with the songs and so ready to move on to the new ones for our spring session.  Me and my short attention span....aiii yiiiii....

My dear husband picked me up after the rehearsal and told me he was ravenous even though it was just after 4pm. I was as well because I had not counted my carbs properly at lunch, shorting myself at least one unit and then standing to sing on risers for over 2 hours.  Off we went to Unique Bistro again.  We are becoming creatures of habit.  But it was so delicious....again....  We tried to go to a different restaurant closer to home that has been on our list for awhile, but we waited to long it seems. The place is closed down and large For Lease signs are decorating the windows.  Guess it wasn't that great?  Perhaps we were saved from a disappointing meal?  It is nice to be home just as the sky is going dark, safely back in our little home for a relaxing evening.

My husband did some hospital visiting while I was at choir and also met up with visiting musicians over at our church. They will be with us a week from tomorrow for worship leading at the request of our Womens' Guild.  The are extremely liturgical, from Roman Catholic backgrounds AND....drum roll please....they are a POLKA BAND!!!!  I nearly fell over when I heard that one.  My husband was terribly skeptical, perhaps even a tad upset (?), until he met with them today to look over the set up of our sanctuary.  He is feeling far more at ease now that he has met with them!  A polka band leading our Anglican worship on January 17th....I am very curious to see how that works.  We are never bored at out church, that is for sure!

My husband actually made an appointment for a meet and greet with a doctor at the clinic where I have my medical appointments.  He goes in a week's time.  Something I said got him thinking more seriously about his health once again and he realizes he had better get a proper check up and be more regular in taking care of himself.  YIPPEE!!  I am delighted.  He has this coming Monday and Tuesday off as planned, so I am going to get him to drive me to a hair appointment on Tuesday morning....o wow, my hair is so long it is completely unruly!  When I try to use the curling iron to curl it under, one side insists on defiantly curling the opposite direction once I brush it out.  It has been YEARS since I last had that problem!  Well, my hair dresser went to Mexico the week it should have last been cut, and then there was Christmas break and then and then....aiii yiiii...she is going to have a fit when she sees me. I look like a shaggy dog! Next set of appointments to make will be dental now that I have a couple of names of dentists to try.

We are surviving our first brush with very cold weather and have hope from the forecast that by mid week we will be above normal again for temperatures.  Sure hope that is true, as we were incredibly spoiled by El Nino until yesterday. 

The first weekend of April we are invited to a house concert.  It should be a wonderful event. The pianist daughter of our choir director and her guitar playing husband are performing in the home of my husband's cousin.  Both musicians also sing.  It should be a ton of fun.  How nice to have a spring event all ready to look forward to.

Off to rest my leg up on the sofa for awhile.  All the standing today was hard on it and I have to stand up like that again tomorrow evening. I am grateful for the chair I will be able to sit on in the kitchen at our intermission time.  My partner and I will be opening bags of melted chocolate and putting them into fondue pots for our audience to enjoy. After the fondue we will close with a story and 4 short songs.  It is going to be a fun evening but the amount of work has been hideous, particularly for the 2 or 3 folk who put this whole idea together every year and get the rest of us organized.  My hip got me out of most of the extra work so I will have to make up for that at the spring concert, whatever extras we do at that time.  

So, a good day all around.  Now I am tired and full of warm food, (half a chicken stuffed with feta and a garlic aioli drizzle, with a ton of veggies), and ready for a rest.  Time to get going on a new novel I think!

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