Saturday, January 23, 2016

East Coast Storms!

I am feeling very badly for the millions of east coast Americans experiencing the huge snow storm, winds and flooding that are occuring there this weekend.  Watching the snowfall coverage on tv reminds me how fortunate we are here, since we experience that kind of snowstorm and worse more than a few times each winter, to have the amazing studded snow tires, huge ploughs and shovels, salting techniques and technology all in place to handle it on an annual basis.  When this kind of weather hits places where needing that sort of assistance is not the norm, it becomes very dangerous.  The power outages and flooding are the worst.  Seeing the couple of feet of water flowing through downtown Atlantic City, New Jersey is depressing even for me, safely ensconced in my own  living room.  The travel bans in New York and Maryland are a good move as people there have no clue how to drive safely in this kind of unusual storm and don't have the snow tires on their vehicles required for safe navigation. I feel so badly for the hundreds of people stranded on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. At this time there are 14 weather related terribly sad.
All my prayers, my American neighbours, all my prayers.

Well, my laundry will be done at 9:30pm, about a half hour from now. Yup, it took me until 2pm to even get started on it. Nice to be able to accomplish my wee goal for the day, that is for sure. All the dishes are done, the day's meals cooked and eaten and tidied up after.  It was a quiet day around here and I needed that. My knees are acting up from over 4 months of stressful walking.  

A friend was in touch with me a few minutes ago to report on a funeral she attended today. The son of a mutual aquaintance was killed in a hunting accident earlier this tragic as it was his own sister who accidentally shot him.  He was a younger fellow with a young family of his own. It was one of those unbelievable events that can leave a family broken and distraught.  Apparently the funeral was incredibly edifying, God given all the glory for his peace that has surpassed all understanding among the family members.  The father and two sons of the deceased hand-crafted the casket and had those in attendance at the funeral write their favourite scriptures onto the casket before the burial.  That was a wonderful healing touch for the folk who were there to say goodbye to this amazing young man. My friend was impressed by the lack of bitterness on the part of the family and I am as well.  

The report I received certainly has jacked up my attitude about the possible upcoming loss of my mother.  She is 88 years old, has had only 1 kidney for over 32 years, has lived a good life and is spiritually ready to leave.  By that age we can all expect to be meeting our maker before too much longer no matter how great our health is.  Mom is not a mid twenties year old with an equally young spouse and two little kids. She has not been accidentally gunned down by her own sister.  It is time for me to stop moping and weeping over my own sense of loss and sense of unfairness that mom has had so little time to enjoy her new life in the seniors' facility.  I have been carrying on like a banshee around here all week.  For shame!  The reality check I have been needing came to me through my friend's report on the funeral.  Mom is spiritually ready and, I see since our phone call last night, emotionally ready to go, so is it any wonder at her age that her body is getting into line for the next phase of living and dying?

Off to church in the morning and then choir resumes in the afternoon. I am looking forward to our new songs, whatever they may turn out to be.  I miss seeing the others in the group too and am looking forward to visiting them once again.
Have a great night everybody.  

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