Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Family Rocks!

My son called again today, just to check and see how I am faring emotionally over the possible loss of Mom. For most families this sort of regular phone contact across the miles is probably the norm, but for our family it isn't so much. Our son has suffered years of emotional hell that has distanced him from us in many ways, but in the past few months he has gotten free of the past and has been not only more welcoming of frequent contact, but seems now to enjoy it. He is a naturally loving person and we are thrilled to see that side of his personality being restored. I am hopeful as well that Mom's present struggles can eventually bring about a better relationship between me and Dad. My husband's sister and I have forged a relationship I am deeply appreciative of and her husband is a great guy.  The cousins of my husband's here in Regina that he so recently discovered are gems. At the present time I am feeling more a part of a family than I ever have before, so losing Mom would leave quite a gap, but having other family close now will certainly make life easier than if this had happened sooner after Mom originally donated her other kidney. It has taken 32 years for her remaining kidney to fail...what a blessing those years have been.

Reflecting on good family relationships seems to be part of my processing the upcoming life changes. It is a good and positive thing. I am grateful to spend some time on such reflections.

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