Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Feelin' Calmer

My husband's sister phoned today. Talking to her helped me regain some peace and perspective. She has dealt for many years with health hell....her own and her family's. She knows exactly what it is to be middle aged and facing all the health issues that accompany this time of life...our own, our parents' and our also aging friends'.

One thing she said really struck me as being the truth at this point in time: she said that at this stage you begin to wonder if life will ever be calm and uneventful ever again. There always seems to be some stressful issue hanging overhead.

Oh, it is always so good and relaxing to talk to someone who knows the rest of the family and so completely understands why I am over-reacting over a simple callback to the clinic for my husband.

Very grateful for that phone call and for her.

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