Friday, January 22, 2016

Gotta Get More Social Again!!!

We had the best visit with Dell's cousin and his husband over dinner this evening.  They are so involved in their church, as we are.  They love ethnic food, as we do.  We have the commonality of family members; even the husband and I, though not related, have similar Irish/United Empire Loyalist ancestry.  The Moroccan food turned out incredibly well, thank you Lord, and the lamb was truly spring lamb, not mutton parading as same.  The flavour was mild and blended beautifully with the cumin and cinnamon as it is supposed to.  I am a new fan of cucumber salad with mint and fragrant orange water. YUM!  Even the tabouli salad, which seems so easy to make and yet often ends up a gooey mess when I attempt it, turned out perfectly! Whew!!

It was such fun tonight. My husband and I realize we are desperate for social contact again after a bit of a hiatus due to his busyness at work and my most recent bout with broken bones keeping us off our usual social circuit.

So we are all ready putting a list together of who to see next over the coming weeks.  It won't be easy to get schedules aligned as some of the folk we want to see are fellow clergy, but it won't be impossible either.  

We actually spent time writing up that list instead of doing the massive amount of dishwashing that will now be waiting for me in the morning.  At least the dishes are stacked and rinsed well and soaking in the sinks.  The food is all put away, stacked neatly in cartons in the refrigerator and the freezer has a HUGE carton of home made iced cream in it, thanks to our guests.  They made chocolate iced cream that is full of white chocolate chips, pecans, walnuts, chocolate covered almonds and pieces of dark chocolate.  Oooh, talk about a diabetic's worst nightmare of forbidden delight!!  I enjoyed my quarter cup portion, took my time, consumed itsy bitsy bites and dragged out the entire experience as long as possible before the iced cream melted into a puddle in my bowl.

My husband and his cousin kept the mutual ministry talk down to a minimum and we all had fun discussing other things in life. That was very much appreciated by me because ministry is one of those all consuming jobs like farming, or advertising or "doctoring".

Yup, gotta get more social again.  If I can walk the entire length of the huge mall I walked through this morning, twice, then I can have company over for a simple meal again.  I can stand in the kitchen steadily for a couple of hours to cook. My hip is that much better than it was! 

Life is going to become interesting and less focused on pain levels and mobility issues once again. YES!!!!

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