Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Epiphany to Me! Thanks Lovey!

My husband made it home safely from Swift Current last evening.  As it happened the only truly bad highway conditions were between here and Moose Jaw, so he did well  for a winter trip.

This morning we decided to utilize his day off to pick up some of the heavier grocery items I am still having trouble wrestling around from shelf to cart to cashier to cart to car to home kitchen.  My husband insisted we go to the farthest northern reaches of the city to a big grocery that is always a mad house, but rarely more so than on a start to the weekend morning.  I was kind of ticked off because our own little store 2 blocks away would have all that I needed to purchase, but I didn't argue. Usually there is a good reason for my husband insisting that we go somewhere inconveniently out of the way.

O there was a good reason all right!  He was up early this morning researching where he could get me a new cell phone, a more up to date phone than the wee sprout I have been managing with for the past 9 years!  I don't need more capacity than phone calls, emergency assistance numbers and texting and I love the PC "pay as you go" plan.  The store he took us to had exactly what he wanted to get me, so while I was filling the cart with groceries, the heavy ones he was supposedly going to help me load into the cart and..., he disappeared to check out the phones with customer service.  I was really ticked off because I didn't have any idea where he had gone or what he was doing.

What a lovely surprise to have him finally arrive back and announce, just before I got in line to pay for the load, that a new cell phone was being added to our purchases, my wonderfully unexpected Epiphany gift!  WOW! Thank you my dear husband!!  I now have a screen large enough to take an entire text message~no more receiving one message as 3 or 4 that have to be downloaded all out of order and then sense made somehow of the total message. hahaha I can't believe I have been doing that all these years....tells you how rarely I have actually used my phone, BUT now I will use it more often.  I have accrued over two hundred dollars in minutes I should start using up.

So, on this freezing cold day, (-18C is our daytime high after getting used to the unusual warmth of  -6C days), sliding about on icy city streets and feeling put out about having to drive so far away for a few groceries, I got a wonderful surprise.  

The phone is wonderful. Being thought of and surprised by joy even better. 

Now I am about to do my afternoon physio (only tonight's round before a 2 day break, yay!) while my husband prepares an English trifle dessert for tonight's party.  Then we will activate my new phone.  YIPPEE!!

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