Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

What a lovely introduction to 2016 we had!  It was so quiet and personal and quite delightful for the two of us to just be alone as we have been most of the week, talking, reading, watching tv together and having such an incredibly restful time.  I cannot remember the last time we had so many days in a row without committments and people.  Since we both love company and events we MUST have been tired out going into this holiday season.  Other than one church service and a turkey dinner out with friends on Dec. 27, we have seen very few folk the entire time.  Whew!  Quite a change for us. The fact that it was so enjoyable and that we want to do it again next Christmas season tells us something about job stress we need to pay closer attention to in the new year!

Today I forced myself to get out of bed shortly after 8:30am in order start getting my meals back on their proper schedule.  I could have stayed in bed for at least another hour I am certain.  My husband woke up in a great mood, spent the morning puttering about on his computer hobby and has just headed over to the hospital to do a visit there for the parish.  I have just completed rep number 300 of my day's 450 total.  I am feeling the physio today and am looking forward to my weekend off to let those muscles relax.  Last night in bed I tried once again rolling onto my broken hip and seeing how long I could stand to lay there. I was so tired that I fell asleep for over half an hour and o bad leg was SO sore I could barely roll off of it and onto my back.  It is aching today, that is for sure.  I will have to ensure I don't do that again for awhile, haha.

The sun is shining and the air is crisp today.  What a pretty day...hardly a cloud in the sky and the blue is quite brilliant for a winter's day.  As always my resolution for the new year is to be even cheerier and happier and more accepting of life's ups and downs than the year before.  Today's lovely weather makes it seem entirely possible!

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