Thursday, January 7, 2016

How Do I Know Winter Is Finally Here For Real? could be because the temperature is in the process of dropping to normal range after weeks of El Niño warmth.
It could be because we had a true snowfall today of a good couple of centimetres.
It could be because I had to twice brush the snow off all the car windows this morning while running errands around the city.
It could be because the streets were very slippery, causing skidding at most of the major intersections.
It could even be because I pulled my annual start of winter stunt: driving away from our parking lot before unplugging the car from the plug in post.
BUT the real reason I know winter is at last truly upon us is that my husband and the Bishop are out skating along the highway on their way home from the day's meetings many miles away!
Yup, my husband out driving on terrifying highways that should be closed due to ice and drifting snow is a dead giveaway!

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