Saturday, January 2, 2016

How Quickly We Become Spoiled and Feel Entitled!

After another lazy day of being at home, watching American Graffiti for the umpteenth time, playing with computer games and updates, reading books and doing online research, my husband surprised me with an invitation to go out for dinner.  Niiiice.....

Well, we learned a bit tonight, not only about the restaurant scene here but also about ourselves.  

We decided to stay closer to home this evening and returned to Shannon's Pub as we had enjoyed it a few months ago at our first visit. was enjoyable, that is true, but o my, our wallets were tingling when we saw the cost of the meals in comparison to Unique Bistro's fare.  We paid the same amount per meal for our dinners this evening as we did at Unique Bistro the last time we had dinner there.  There was no Unique I see a correlation to the cost of the meal and the quality of the food.  At Shannon's, even though the meal was tasty enough, it was a huge disappointment and rather overpriced both for quantity and (definitely) quality.  I seem to remember feeling my meal was overpriced the last time we were there, but tonight's meal was more obviously way over the top for what I received, ditto for my husband AND the meals were not freshly prepared.

If I want to enjoy a drink at a nice pub with friendly service, a darned good Guinness soaked burger and wonderful Irish accents, I will definitely return to Shannon's, but if I want a truly delicious meal that is more reasonably priced, back to Unique Bistro I will go.

What surprised us, after 5 years in a community that had zero decent restaurants, where Humpty's had the most edible fare in town, (no, I am neither kidding nor exaggerating), is how quickly we adjusted to being able to have choices of very good restaurants and how our palates made the switch so completely.  hahaha  If I had eaten tonight's meal for the same price in our last community I would have been incredibly impressed and put the cost down to just what is necessary to pay for something above the rest of the venues.  Here however....hahaha.  My goodness we are getting spoiled!! I don't mind being a wine snob, but better cool it with the restaurant meals.  We don't know for sure if this is going to be our last stop on the employment trail, so better not get too impressed with our own tastebuds just yet!! 

Anyway, it was okay and it was nice to get out after two days at home.  The fact that my husband was feeling well enough to even suggest going out made it a special time for me.  

One more day of holidays, and I have to spend half of it at the first choir practise of the new year.  In the evening we are going to the home of clergy friends where we will light the candles on their tree, sing songs of the Ephiphany season and pray together to welcome in a new year of mission and ministry...a lovely way to end the holiday season.

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