Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Huzzah!! I Did It Myself!!

I confess to putting off switching out my elderly cell phone for the new PC phone my husband bought me for Christmas...I put it off for a long time because I am so confused by technology of any kind.  My track record for getting computers, phones and other technology repaired, upgraded and changed by phoning the appropriate techies is a dismal one.  They ask me for serial numbers I can't locate anywhere on the item, they ask me questions with technical terms in them I can't remotely figure out...oh it is always a disaster and I come away feeling more stupid than a flea.  No doubt every one of those technical experts would agree with that assessment of my abilities.  Sad....

HOWEVER, yesterday, even though my husband was home with me, I am the one who got my new phone up and working!!  He encouraged me to make the required phone call and work it through on my own this time.  So, after batting back a few tears of frustration from assuming I would never be able to do it, I took a deep breath, grabbed the phone and began the task.

Guess what?  The Flea here managed to accomplish it!!  

Okay, it wasn't difficult.  It took me 3 tries at calling the main switchboard of the installation company to figure out which option I needed to connect with  for the service I needed, but no harm done.  Even my husband was confused by the machine voice's offered options.  However, I succeeded at last in locating the right department and was even able to immediately locate the two serial numbers on the packaging the tech needed to change my phone plan and minutes over to the new phone and transfer my cell phone number to the new machine.  He did neglect to let me know that it could take up to 24 hours for the actual number to transfer to the new phone, so I ended up calling him back. He apparently didn't know about the delay either, so he forwarded me on to the PC trouble shooter....except he accidentally connected me to their Bell Communications trouble shooter, but we sorted that out and I finally got connected to the right department once again.  That tech informed me of the 24 hour delay in opening the port for my old number to connect with my new phone and all was well. This morning my husband called my cell from his cell and I was able to receive the call.  

YAY!!!  A simple tech task was actually accomplished by ME! I feel like celebrating.  Unfortunately we did our restaurant celebrating yesterday morning at breakfast and I have to prepare a pork loin roast for dinner tonight, but maybe I can celebrate by refusing to eat the turnip I am cooking!  

Nyaaaa, nyaaaaa, take THAT tasteless turnip.  I am celebrating so I am not going to eat you this time!!

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