Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I Bashed My Head, (It Bled and Bled), and said, "What a Good Klutz Am I!"

Yesterday I went out to the car to retrieve something from the trunk, distracted as usual, (which is how I continually injure myself...broken bones of recent years being case in point), raised my head too quickly after losing track of my immediate surroundings and proceded to gash the top of my head open on the trunk latch.  Duh......  I always forget how even such small head wounds can accomplish the relinquishing of so much blood!! Duh again....!!!

It wasn't that difficult to get through all the hair on my head to cleanse the small wound and cover it in non-prescription, mildly antibiotic cream from the pharmacy.  It felt good again this morning to have a hot shower and another washing out of the gouge up there and to apply more cream to its now throbbing self.  Seriously...how can I be so constantly distracted, my mind so often NOT on my immediate activities and surroundings??  It is humiliating to say the least.  Now my husband is going to have to go rooting through my roots, so to speak, each day for the next week to make sure it hasn't become infected.  My, my, what a pleasant task for him!  Duh, duh, duh......  This life long distraction problem is not going to improve with age either!

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