Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Intercessory Prayer Can Be Incredibly Exhausting.....

...but also incredibly rewarding.

I can't count all the nights in my life over the past twenty-five years that I have subsisted on only an hour or two of sleep because of being awakened with prayers burning in my heart; for friends and family in need, for war torn countries, for our own family issues, for complete strangers I have read about in the news, all manner of things. On the one hand it is sometimes rather tiring, but on the other hand extremely fulfilling, particularly when the answers are able to be made known to me by the folk I have been led to pray for.

Some nights, like last night for example, it would be so easy to plead exhaustion and ask the Lord to go wake up someone else to pray for whatever situation is gnawing away at my spirit.  But I don't do that.  Quenching the Spirit of the Lord happens so easily as it is, often (usually?)inadvertently, by all of God's children.  Remembering what an icredible privilege it is to be able to pray for other people keeps me awake and on my knees whenever the urge arises, no matter the time of night.

Today someone near and very dear to us is having cancer tests.  The results will be made known tomorrow and so last night I was up for hours praying for healing, for medical wisdom, for the fear this person must be experiencing. I can barely make it to a dental appointment without becoming nauseated in advance by fear of what work will have to be done and what it is going to cost and how much pain it will entail.  I can't imagine, not really, what this other person is going through emotionally as a previous cancer survivor.

I am tired today, not quite as buoyed up by the night of intercessions as I usually am.  It is mostly because I am now
dealing with my own fear for the person I was praying for. My husband was plagued with bad dreams for a good part of the night, usually an indication that he has a major worry on his mind. He too is suffering fear about these test results.

Well, all we can do for today and tomorrow is to pray for God to intervene and provide comfort all around, to give wisdom to the medical community and to calm us all while we wait. 

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