Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I had several chores to accomplish early this morning and more work to do in the afternoon.  Good stuff, felt fulfilled and on top of my game around here.

By  mid afternoon my planned work was essentially done, my husband was getting ready to leave for a meeting several hours away and the evening was going to be stretching out before me without any great plans to occupy the time.  Other than "The Little Couple", not much on tv tonight of interest to me. I can't read after dinner without falling deeply asleep. A friend suggested I do the laundry this evening and so that was my new plan.  I ate dinner very early and went upstairs to start getting the laundry baskets ready to drag down to the basement laundry area while a roaster of chicken bones and juices were boiling on the stove in preparation for making a delicious broth.  Aahhh, a productive evening was going to take place.

I barely got started on the laundry basket sorting when from the kitchen downstairs there was a rather loud, "kaboooom!", followed by smoke and hissing noises.  WHAAAAAAA???

I raced down the stairs faster, I think, than I ever did before I broke my hip and saw smoke pouring out of the kitchen into the rest of the suite.  The roaster, supposedly dishwasher, oven and stove top safe, had exploded...seriously it actually exploded, sending shards of itself, bits of chicken and bones and water and juice absolutely everywhere!

Like a total idiot I stood there in complete shock instead of racing for the stove to shut off the heat while chicken bits charred themselves onto the burner and the liquid filled the burner basket and ran down underneath the stove top, down the front of the oven and all over the floor...at least what was left of the liquid that had not been blasted across the walls, floor, cupboards and island. (Praising God for my husband's foresight to buy me a mop recently with a handle long enough to reach the kitchen ceiling!)  Thankfully I managed to cross the kitchen without slipping and falling on the soupy floor, got the heat shut off, the fan on and both front and back doors open before the smoke detector had a chance to pick up the smoke, now also emanating from a pair of oven mitts, one of which I managed to set on fire when it came into contact with the burner while I was shutting off the high heat.  Since the door was all ready open I was able to heave it out into the snow before I got burnt.

Well, no more questions about how I will spend the rest of this long and getting longer evening!!  

I managed to locate an old towel to soak up the liquid under the stove top burners, wiped down the cupboards and counters and island, washed and dried the floor around and under the stove, washed out the under oven drawer and the bakeware stored in there and picked up and vaccumed the shards of the roaster.  

Now I am taking a short blogging break to give my back and hip a rest before tackling the washing of the burner baskets and heating coils....oooh, the one with the burned chicken stuck all over it is going to be a bear!  At least I now know how the rest of the evening will be spent.  No doubt about that!!

The laundry is going to have to wait until Saturday.  We have enough clothes I think to last until then.  My husband is at work all day now on Saturdays so I can shift some of my chores to the Saturdays he needs the car.

I am incredibly grateful that only an oven mitt caught fire.  I am grateful I was able to hoodwink that squawking smoke detector and not have that awful screeching going on along with the rest of the disaster, I am grateful I was not in the kitchen when the flying shards of the roaster flew around the room, I am grateful that only the roaster was broken and that the rest of the mess is so easily cleaned up.  

Wow....I need never worry about how to occupy my time apparently!!  Ask and it shall be given unto me!!  In spades!!  hahahahaha

Back to work on cleaning those burner coils of burnt chicken!

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