Friday, January 15, 2016

Letting Go of the Temporal

When I finally got to my housework earlier today things were going very well indeed.  As my hip has healed my speed has increased and the cleaning of the kitchen and dining room seemed to take no time at all, despite doing a most thorough job getting into all the nooks and crannies that don't get done every week.  I even got out the venetian blind duster and did every slat!

Unfortunately though I got a little carried away by my own good work and faster speed of action: I was dusting items on one of the china cabinets, lost my grip on my husband's ceramic chalice, dropped it directly onto the last antique of my paternal grandmother's, (a lovely carnival glass bowl), and smashed it to smithereens!  There were so many minute shards of glass I spent nearly a half hour just vaccuming the small dining room to make sure I had every bit picked up from the carpet and off the cabinet.

I wasn't heart is only a bowl after all, a most temporal item, not even good for practical use, only for looking at.  I was disappointed though.  I have so little that belonged to my grandparents and this was one of the few things.

Well, God tells us not to put our security into the things of this world and that is one lesson my husband and I have learned in spades, up the wazoo, ad infinitum, ad nauseum and what have you!  Over twenty years of living below the poverty line taught us a tremendous amount about what we can easily live without when necessary.

At the rate we lost items to breakage through our latest move, adding into the loss the number of things I have managed to break in the past few months right here at home, we won't have nearly as much to move next time if I keep this up!!

See, a silver lining in there somewhere.

Had I lost that bowl a few years ago, just as we were starting to get on our financial feet to the point of at least being able to live pay cheque to pay cheque, it would have devastated me. I would have felt deprived of one of my few truly lovely family heirloom pieces, ripped off by the universe once again, so to speak.  Now, it is easier to just think of how much I enjoyed it while I had it and then let it go.

God has provided our every need for the past more than thirty years, through hardship and abundance and everything in between.  If he thinks I need another antique quality carnival glass bowl just like grandma's, he will find me one somewhere.  

This I know.....

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