Friday, January 22, 2016

Mom is Still Waiting For Test Results..... when I called her last night we didn't even talk much about her health. We talked instead about all the fun they are having in their new facility. They are busy with bingo, shopping, bible study, birthday parties, entertainment, book club, social discussion group, visiting new friends, playing cribbage...the list goes on and on. It is fantastic for them. I am feeling more relaxed about dad. If mom is soon to leave us, he is going to be more or less okay I think.

Hanging on to the laughter we shared over the phone last night. It was good to hear mom sounding happy.

Oh my...look at the time! It is time to get dressed and get out to do some last minute errands so I can have a relaxed afternoon getting the rest of the dinner ready for tonight's guests....oh, and doing physio of course. I admit I am looking forward to the weekend off to rest those muscles. Oh, and choir starts again on Sunday afternoon. Aiiii yiii! Good thing I remembered. I have been terribly distracted by mom's situation.

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