Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Dad's Birthday

My dad turned 89 years old today....I can hardly believe it.  Mom will join him in age this coming November. Then comes the big 90!!  Wow......  Times like this are when it is difficult to be so far away and unable to fly to Calgary to see my parents. Fortunately a group of young cousins of Dad's are putting on a birthday dinner at their home on Monday.  I tried all morning and into the early afternoon to call Dad on the phone, but his line was busy, busy, busy.  When we finally reached him from the restaurant at dinner time, he was completely exhausted from talking all day on the phone to various well wishers.  Glad for him that so many remembered him.  I am HOPING, HOPING, he will allow me to put something together for his 90th next January. Usually the very idea that I would do something instead of he and Mom planning their own events throws them both into a miserable tizzy, but maybe they are now old enough and just sufficiently incapacitated that I will be allowed to plan a small event for a change. I will start saving money now to fly out there and do something, even if it is just renting the social room at the complex where he and mom live now and inviting their friends in for an open house. So many of their friends live in the same complex as it is, so they wouldn't have to travel far to attend! haha  I can only hope Dad's and Mom's health will permit them a bit of an extra celebration next year and that I will be able to afford to go and have some fun with them. A lot can change in a year and I pray I will not be robbed of my chance to let them know how actually genuinely grateful I am for many things about my rather odd childhood...if they can accept my desire to do something nice for them it could be a lovely time together. God less them!

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