Tuesday, January 26, 2016

NOW What's Wrong????

The day started off so well...my husband went to the lab early this morning for his annual tests and then we went out together for breakfast, a delicious meal at Unique Bistro, (now it danger of closing due to lack of customers. There have been too many visits by the clientele from the previous restaurant that was in that space and they DON'T want the new and wonderful food, but demand the crappy old diner food from the place's previous management.), we got the car washed, the sun came out and continues to shine merrily in the lovely blue sky...and then, a few moments ago, the phone rang.  Sigh....

It was my husband's medical clinic calling to make an appointment for him with his doctor at the end of next week.  His test results came in FOUR HOURS after his lab work!!!????!!  FOUR HOURS???  And he needs a follow up all ready?

I can tell my stress level is far too high since I got my mom's news last week.  I nearly burst into tears when we got this call for my husband.  Obviously  something is not right in his test results.  I have to stay calm and remember it could be something very simple such as high cholesterol, it isn't necessarily anything dire like bad prostate results.  It could be his half thyroid is not functioning as well as it should be. It could be his blood sugar...oh Lord, it could be anything at all.  It doesn't have to be anything horrifying so why is my mind going there instantly?  

I need to calm down.  My husband is far more rational about his own possibilities than I am, that is for sure. Please pray for him.  We have had some rough times with his health in the past 30 years but we always were able to get ahead of the problem eventually. Obviously this is not his CFS, but some new problem.

Pray for me too dear friends and family. I have over a week to have to try to sleep properly at night before my husband sees his doctor and I have to tell myself that if it is really bad news, surely the doctor could have squeezed in an appointment sooner than 11 days from now, right?  Just pat me on the head and say, "Of course right!", and I will be fine. I don't want to be so upset before the appointment that I get my husband even more worried than he needs to be.

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